This page needs "happy text" that sells FEELC -

    1. So glad you’re thinking of enrolling… here’s how
    2. need information about wait list
    3. need information about deposit
    4. need the priority list
  1. Compare new handbook content to posted content

    1. Make any necessary edits
  2. Change the classroom landing page passwords

    1. change the passwords and write them down cheryl
    2. Communicate these passwords with the teachers and room parents for each room
    3. Ask the room parent to set up the page (?)

Once all that is done:

  1. Switch squarespace to paid hosting
  2. Switch domain host to point to SS "new" site
  3. Backup "old" site
  4. Turn "old" site off





Applications / Tools which need to be developed (post-launch)

a.       Online donation

b.       Universal parent hour log

c.       Wait list page / list