Online Addendum II: Allergy Policy

Due to food allergies, FEELC will not allow parents to bring outside food to be shared with other children at our school:

  • NO potlucks during school operating hours
  • NO outside food (homemade or store bought) allowed for sharing at FEELC
  • NO homemade birthday cakes

For classroom and school luncheons, dinners and celebrations, the center will order what is needed and when appropriate, collect funds to reimburse the cost.

There is one exception, children’s’ birthdays.  Cakes, or cupcakes, with the appropriate peanut free label attached, popsicles, whole fruit, and yogurt may be purchased and brought in. Of course all labels need to be read and cannot say made in or processed on machinery with tree nuts or peanuts.

Currently, we only know of one store that guarantees that their cakes and cupcakes are made in a peanut free facility, Super Wal-Mart, however please let us know if you find another vendor.  Parents can contribute non-food items for classroom events.  Ask your child’s teacher for a list of suggested items.   All items must be checked at the front desk, and an administrator will be happy to deliver it to your child’s classroom. 


Last updated: 1/26/2017