FEELC Parent Handbook



Welcome to FIRST ENVIRONMENTS EARLY LEARNING CENTER (FEELC), a day care facility organized by parents and supported by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS). First Environments operates as a nonprofit cooperative venture, and is dedicated to providing quality care for preschool children.

FEELC is located on the EPA’s campus. All parents, staff and visitors must comply with the rules and regulations of the Federal campus.

This HANDBOOK FOR PARENTS provides general information about the Center’s program, administrative procedures, operating guidelines, health and safety policies, and required parental involvement. Parents will find that most of their questions about First Environments are answered in this handbook. For specific situations that may not be covered, parents are encouraged to seek additional information from the Director or a member of the Center’s administration.


Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction to First Environments

1.1 Purpose
1.2 Philosophy
1.3 Goals and Curriculum

1.3.1 Goals
1.3.2 Curriculum

1.4 General Operation

1.4.1 Security/Access
1.4.2 Staff

1.5 Corporate Organization

2.0 Programs

2.1 General Information on Programs
2.2 Transition Philosophy and Procedures

2.2.1 First Environments Annual Transition
2.2.2 Classroom Transitions
2.2.3 Transition Schedule .

3.0 Enrollment Policies and Procedures

3.1 Application for Enrollment & Waiting List

3.1.1 Sharing Slots

3.2 Required Fees, Tuition, and Late Pickup

3.2.1 Required Registration & Deposit Fees
3.2.2 Tuition Policies
3.2.3 Late Pickup Policy

3.3 Withdrawals
3.4 Special Needs Children and Their Families
3.5 Pre-Enrollment Visit
3.6 Required Enrollment Information

3.6.1 Immunization Records

4.0 Center Practices and Policies

4.1 Times of Operation

4.1.1 Scheduled Closings
4.1.2 Closures/Delayed Openings for Special Circumstances

4.2 Attendance
4.3 Arrival & Departure
4.4 Parking

4.4.1 Parking Hang Tags
4.4.2 Parking Lot Safety

4.5 Meals & Nap/Rest Time
4.6 Personal Belongings & Infant Safe Sleep Policy

4.6.1 Infant Personal Belongings & Safe Sleep Policy
4.6.2 Toddler/Middler/Preschooler Personal Belongings

4.7 Birthday Celebrations
4.8 Toilet Training
4.9 Outdoor Play
4.10 Health and Safety Policies for Illness
4.11 Medication and Medication Forms

4.11.1 AIDS Policy

4.12 Emergencies
4.13 Fire Drills
4.14 Inclement Weather Policy
4.15 FEELC Emergency Response Plan
4.16 Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting
4.17 Behavior Management Policy

5.0 Parent Involvement

5.1 Home Center Communication
5.2 Parent Teacher Communication

5.2.1 Parent Teacher Conferences
5.2.2 Assessments
5.2.3 Early Intervention  
5.2.4 Children’s Records

5.3 Parent Visitation
5.4 First Environments Parents’ Organization  

5.4.1 Required Parent Hours

5.5 Parent Meetings  
5.6 Volunteers
5.7 Parent Conduct

5.7.1 Disciplinary Action
5.7.2 Complaint Resolution and Grievance Policy  

5.8 Solicitations Policy 

Appendix I: Classroom Staff to Child Ratio

Appendix II: FEELC Enrollment Agreement  --- See Enrolling

Appendix III: FEELC Infant Safe Sleep Policy  --- See 4.6 Personal Belongings & Infant Safe Sleep Policy

Appendix IV: AQI Categories

Appendix V: Medication and Medication Forms  --- See 4.11 Medication and Medication Forms

Appendix VI: FEELC Emergency Response Plan --- See 4.15 FEELC Emergency Response Plan

Online Addendum: Child and Family Support Services 

Online Addendum II:  Allergy Policy

Receipt of Parent Handbook Acknowledgment Form (PDF)


Last updated: 12/3/2018