3.0 Enrollment Policies and Procedures

3.1 Application for Enrollment & Waiting List

Application for enrollment of children ranging in age from six weeks through entering kindergarten will be considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. However, priority will be given as follows:

  1.  Siblings of children currently enrolled at FEELC will have first priority for admission to FEELC.  (Follows priorities as listed below in #2-10)

    2.  EPA or NIEHS/NIH federal employee parent

    3.  Other federal employee parent

    4.  EPA or NIEHS/NIH Post-Doc, Visiting Fellow or other trainee parent

    5.  First Environments employee parent

    6.  EPA or NIEHS/NIH contractor parent; unless covered in item 4 above.

    7.  EPA or NIEHS/NIH employee grandparent

    8.  EPA or NIEHS/NIH Guest Researcher parent

    9.  EPA or NIEHS/NIH federal retiree parent

    10. General Public parent

3.1.1 Sharing Slots

First Environments Early Learning Center wants to make a difference in the lives of families and understands that parents or guardians may have many different working schedules. We do not offer part-time enrollment but we do allow families to share days of the week per single enrollment slot.

The rules are as follows:

  • (1) Arrangements for sharing a slot must be arranged by the FEELC Admin and authorized by the FEELC Executive Director.

  • (2) You may only share with one family.

  • (3) You must share a minimum of two days a week and no more than three.

  • (4) You can only share days of the week, not hours of a day.

  • (5) There are only two shared slots per classroom.

  • (6) Children must be close in age and only share slots in the same classroom

  • (7) Both families sharing the slot will contract with Tuition Express to pay for their pro-rata portion of the tuition.

  • (8) The FEELC 30-day withdrawal notice requirement applies to both families sharing the slot.

  • (9) In the event that the child whose family holds the contracted slot leaves FEELC, the child sharing that slot will lose placement at FEELC after 30 days. Children on the FEELC waitlist have priority to fill any slot openings.

  • (10) In the event that the family sharing the slot leaves FEELC, with or without notice, the family holding the contracted slot will be responsible for paying full tuition for the slot.

3.2 Required Fees, Tuition, and Late Pickup

3.2.1 Required Registration & Deposit Fees REGISTRATION FEE

First Environments requires a $50.00 non-refundable wait list registration fee per child. DEPOSIT FEE

A separate deposit is required to secure an agreed upon start date. This deposit, minus any monies due, will be refunded upon withdrawal from the Center. The Center requires a 30-day notice of intent to withdraw, with the exception of rising Kindergartners, in which we require a 45-day notice of intent to withdraw. The Center has 30 days upon withdrawal of the Center to refund your deposit.

See section 3.3 for more information about withdrawals.


3.2.2 Tuition Policies

First Environments’ tuition payments are made by bank draft only. Tuition is drafted every two weeks on Friday. The Board sets the tuition when the budget is presented at the annual July Parent Meeting. The Board will attempt to approve no more than single digit (%) annual increases in tuition. Any family that participates in a FEELC recognized tuition assistance program will be responsible for any charges or tuition that is not covered by their assistance program. Tuition payments are required whether or not the child is in attendance. Tuition payments will not be adjusted for vacation, sickness, holiday, inclement weather closure, and when there is an Executive Order by the President for Closings of the Federal Government. Tuition payments are due for all periods of absence regardless of reason. The full tuition and fees are due for all periods where the Center is open but the federal government is in furlough or shutdown. The Board may be petitioned in cases of lengthy absences due to illness. Required Documentation for Annual Employment Status Verification

Please make your paystub available to determine Federal Status. By default, all families will be charged the contractor rate until federal status is verified. Personal information can be marked out. If you are a new employee to the campus you can have your hiring manager or immediate supervisor or HR email FEELC to verify that you are a Federal employee. Veteran of the US Military or USPHS (Commissioned Corps)

Parents who are eligible for enrollment under enrollment guidelines may apply for federal rates if they are a veteran of the US Military or USPHS (Commissioned Corps) - honorable discharge paper required. Veteran status does not affect enrollment eligibility. INSUFFICIENT FUNDS (NSF) FEE

An insufficient funds fee will be charged for any account with insufficient funds to cover the cost of the tuition draft. The fee for insufficient funds is $25 per draft. EMERGENCY CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS

Emergency credit card payments can be made by using the Square credit card system. Since the Square is for emergency use only, use of it will be limited to once per quarter for tuition, and there will be a $25 fee included each time to cover charges incurred by FEELC for use of a credit card. Tuition Payments made with the Square can only be made from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm on the Tuesday before the tuition drafts. The tuition draft weeks are listed in the monthly classroom calendars.

3.2.3 Late Pickup Policy

A late pickup fee of $15 for each 15-minute period past the Center’s closing time of 5:30pm will be charged for late pickup. There is a 5-minute grace period for parents arriving close to closing time, so pickup anytime between 5:36-5:45pm will result in a $15 charge, anytime between 5:46-6:00pm will result in a $30 charge, etc.

Aftercare and before care are available as add-on options, as space in the programs is available.  Before care is from 7:00 a.m. daily to 7:30 a.m. daily. Before care is an additional $75 every four weeks.  After care is from 5:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily. After care is an additional $75 every four weeks. 

Late pickup fees are assessed for extremely late pickup of aftercare children starting at 6:00 pm; A late pickup fee of $15 for each 15-minute period past the aftercare closing time of 6:00pm will be charged for late pickup. There is a 5-minute grace period for parents arriving close to closing time, so pickup anytime between 6:06-6:15pm will result in a $15 charge, anytime between 6:16 pm-6:30pm will result in a $30 charge, etc.

Phone calls to notify of late arrival are appreciated but will not exempt late fee charges. FEELC’s policy is to always waive the initial late charge. Record of your initial late charge is kept in the Procare system. The initial late charge will not show up on a tuition statement because that charge is voided. Any following tuition charges will show up on your monthly tuition statement.

You are required to clock your child in and out at the front desk every day. Your clock out time determines if you are charged late fees. If late fee charges are generated they will be posted to your child’s account. Late fee charges will be billed and drafted from your account on the following tuition draft.

3.3 Withdrawals

To withdraw your child from enrollment at FEELC, it is the Center’s policy that parents must:

  • Provide written notice 30 days (minimum) prior to the date of withdrawal. . Please email Heather Ray (hray@firstenvironments.org) and Beth Lake (blake@firstenvironments.org) with your intent to withdraw.

  • Failure to provide written notice before withdrawal will result in parents being held responsible for 30 days of tuition costs beyond the date of withdrawal and possibly forfeiture of the security deposit.

To obtain more information about this process, please contact Heather Ray (hray@firstenvironments.org) or Beth Lake (blake@firstenvironments.org).

3.4 Special Needs Children and Their Families

First Environments welcomes all children to participate in all areas of our program. The center enrolls children with special needs and challenges in accordance with ADA regulations. The center, however, does not primarily serve such children.
FEELC reserves the right to ask a parent to withdraw their child from enrollment at FEELC if it is determined that the child cannot be adequately cared for in the Center. In such a case, FEELC may waive the required 30-day notice of intent to withdraw.

3.5 Pre-Enrollment Visit

FEELC would like parents to spend a minimum of two to three hours at the Center with their child before the child comes to the center alone. This helps make your child’s first experience at our Center a pleasant one. It also gives you an opportunity to get to know the staff. We encourage you to set up a series of “mini” visits. Short stays help your child gain trust in the staff and become familiar with the surroundings. If at all possible, we encourage both parents to accompany the child during these “mini” visits. When possible please coordinate your visits with your child’s teachers.

3.6 Required Enrollment Information

Upon accepting a spot in our Center, you will be given a folder containing documents that will need to be completed and returned to the front office prior to your child’s first day. The children’s folder includes the child’s application for child care, children’s medical report, immunization history, travel and activity authorization, discipline and behavior management policy, FEELC enrollment agreement, child and adult care food program form, photo/media consent form, summary of the NC child care licensing laws, FEELC family and child information form. The infant folders have in addition the infant safe sleep policy, CACFP provision of breast milk or infant formula form, and the infant feeding schedule. Please note, prior to enrollment your child must receive a physical examination and the Medical Information Form must be completed by your child’s physician.

To keep children’s records current, please update any changes of emergency contact information, place of employment, additional immunization records, or anything else that you feel we need to know about your child. FEELC will also send our quarterly reminders by e-mail to parents requesting update changes. Your child’s records will be stored in the FEELC front office. These records are kept confidential but are also immediately available to administrative staff or teaching staff that have consent from a parent or legal guardian, the child’s parents or legal guardian, and the regulatory authorities including our state licensing consultant.

For more information on the FEELC Enrollment Agreement, please see Enrolling.

If you have any questions regarding completion of any documents, please contact the Office Manager, Kim Graper at kgraper@firstenvironments.org or (919) 541-9452.

3.6.1 Immunization Records

It is North Carolina policy that your child receives immunizations in order to attend day care. Therefore, it is extremely important that your child’s immunization records be kept up to date. It is the parent’s responsibility to bring the Center a copy of their child’s immunization records for their files and update them as immunizations occur throughout the year. Here is a link for more information about NC immunization laws for childcare centers: http://immunize.nc.gov/schools/ccf_requirements.htm


Last updated: 4/14/2017