4.6 Personal Belongings & Infant Safe Sleep Policy


Diapers and wipes are provided by the Center, so you do not need to bring anything except several changes of clothing for your child. 

The Center provides formula for infants. Parents are required to bring bottles with water to be mixed at the Center. Breast milk will be stored in the classroom refrigerator for the day. Any unused breast milk will be sent home with the family or discarded at the end of each day. Also, frozen breast milk can be stored in the freezer for seven days. Please include the child’s first, last name, date received and date to be used within that seven day period. 

Parents who prefer a type or brand of diaper, formula, or baby food not provided by the Center may bring such items at their own expense. Infant Safe Sleep Policy

A copy of the Infant Safe Sleep Policy is in every infant folder upon enrollment. For a copy of the Infant Safe Sleep Policy, please see Appendix III.

4.6.2 Toddler/Middler/Preschooler Personal Belongings 

Dress your child in clothing that is washable and comfortable. When children are hard at work and play, they do get dirty. We view this as a part of healthy growth and development. Some of the “most fun” and best learning activity materials are sand, water, mud, paint and play dough. These will be available to your child regularly. 

During toilet training time, we request you send your child in clothing that he/she can manage by his/herself. Toddlers and preschoolers need an extra set of clothes, and appropriate seasonal clothing for active outdoor play (mittens, boots, bathing suit, etc.). Appropriate shoes for running, climbing and playing are needed (flip-flops and thong sandals are inappropriate). 

Toys belonging to your child may be damaged or misplaced at the Center, so we ask that your child leave these items at home. We will provide enough materials for all the children. We do encourage children to share nature, books, and special interest items with us. Children may choose to bring a special interest item for show and tell; however, guns and weapons of any sort are not appropriate and will not be allowed in the Center. 

If your child has a “special” blanket or “comfort” item that he/she likes to use at rest time or bedtime, please feel free to bring it. It is most important that you plainly label all your child’s clothing and personal items in permanent ink. The Center cannot be responsible for items not labeled.

Last updated: 1/26/2017