7.0 Benefits

The insurance and other benefits we provide are the subject of detailed written plan documents. The terms, restrictions, and eligibility requirements for these benefits may be determined only by reading the actual plan documents, under which First Environments or the plan administrator, as applicable, may make certain administrative interpretations with discretion. If a question arises regarding the nature and extent of insurance or other benefits, or if there is a discrepancy between the actual provisions of the plan documents and the information included in this Handbook or any other communication to employees, the formal language of the plan documents is controlling. Because insurance plans, premiums, coverages, and benefits change from time to time, First Environments reserves the right to modify (or terminate) each of the insurance and other benefits and each plan’s provisions.

The full benefits provided under First Environments’ benefits and insurance plans are outlined in separate summary plan descriptions, copies of which will be provided to you when you are eligible. If you have any questions concerning First Environments’ benefits and insurance coverage, you should contact the Executive Director or Human Resources Specialist.

Summary of Benefits for Full time Employees (40 hours per week) and Part-time Employees (working 30+ hours per week)

First Environments Early Learning Center is committed to providing competitive salaries and benefits, recognizing that staff are the most valuable component of an early childhood education program. After successful completion of a 90-day probationary period, new employees will meet individually with our Human Resource Coordinator to review FEELC’s benefit package. This package includes:

After 90-days


  • Health Insurance

  • Dental Insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • Long Term Disability

  • Paid time Off/Personal Leave Time

After 1 year

  • Up to 3% match to 401 K plan

PTO and PLT is prorated for part time employees working over 30 hours per week

7.1 Reduction in Work Hours for Long-term Employees (15 plus years)

First Environments Early Learning Center strives to provide the best employee benefits that the business can afford to offer. FEELC also recognizes commitment of long term (15 plus years) employees and in doing so allows a reduction in work hours to 32 hours per week (4/ 8 hour workdays). This workweek allows the employee to still receive benefits. Eligible employees must work outside of the classroom and show flexibility in work schedule to meet the ongoing needs of FEELC. An employee who chooses to take advantage of this work schedule may not be eligible for an annual increase that year. Employees must contact the Executive Director and Human Resource Specialist for approval

7.2 PTO Carry over for long-term Employees (20 plus years)


In recognition and commitment of long term (20-plus years) employees, FEELC will allow a 20-year plus employee to carry over additional time.  If the employee chooses to carry over additional PTO (over 60 hours PTO) that time will be placed in a PTO bank to be used at a later date.  Employees must contact the Executive Director and Human Resource Specialist for approval.  No more then 400 hours may be stored in this PTO bank and hours may only be used as paid time off.