4.8 Toilet Training 

There is no definite age when a child is ready to potty train, and many toddlers and two- year olds alternate between periods of cooperative and negative behavior. It is our experience that toilet training is best started sometime between 24- and 36-months of age. First Environment’s staff can be a great resource in helping make the decision as to whether or not your child is ready. Your child may be ready to potty train if he or she:

  • Is staying dry for several hours
  • Is able to communicate the need to use the toilet
  • Appears to be aware of wet or soiled diapers

Both the parent and staff should use the same procedures for training so that they do not confuse the child. If there is too much anxiety or stress, then it may be better for the child to wait and try again at a later time. During potty training, it is very important to dress your child in uncomplicated clothing that the child can easily manage on his/her own and to provide many clothing changes.

Please note that toilet training in a group affects individual children differently and can actually accelerate or slow your child’s training while at the Center. 

Last updated: 1/26/2017