4.4 Parking

4.4.1 Parking Hang Tags

Parking hang tags (up to 2) will be provided to facilitate parent access to the EPA campus. FEELC has a temporary parking lot in front of the child care center. These designated child care parking spaces are for use while dropping off or picking up your child only. If this lot is full, please use the adjacent NCC parking lot. It is necessary that you have the proper identification tag on your car to be able to park in these lots.

4.4.2 Parking Lot Safety

For health, safety, and legal reasons, FEELC must insist on the following parking regulations:

• Never leave unattended children in your car.
• Park in marked spaces only. This also applies if you are just waiting in the car for someone.
• Do not park along the curb in front of the building. This type of parking can block drivers’ and walkers’ vision.
• Do not leave the motor running.
• Do not drop children off in the parking lot. Enter the building to drop off and pick up children.
• Children must be properly restrained in appropriate safety seats when on FEELC property.
• During busy drop-off/pickup periods, parents may park in the FEELC Emergency spot. At all other times (9 a.m. - 4 p.m.), this spot is reserved for First Environments’ designated vehicles.
• If no parking spots are available, please use the adjacent NCC parking lot.
• Please use the sidewalks when walking into and out of the center and refrain from walking out in the parking lot itself.

Last updated: 1/26/2017